• Art Dealer in Alberton, South Africa

Art Dealer in Alberton

Visit the premier local Art Dealer shop in Alberton, ZA where you will find a wide selection of art of all kinds and from every era and style.  Buy, sell, and collect art, fine arts and collectibles!   We enjoy working with hobbyists, collectors, decorators and other enthusiasts to match you with the perfect art for every need. We have art from well know and respected artists from around the globe.

Located in Alberton, we are your local source for art in the area. Come by today and browse around. Visit our art store in Alberton and we'll be happy to share some expert advice and help you locate the perfect artwork for your needs and to ensure the perfect and timeless investment.  We can help you locate hard to find art pieces and special items.

We have been in the art business for many years and look forward to serving our friends and neighbours in Alberton.

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Other Areas: Will be created as leased - get yours now!

See www.PrimeWebSpace.co.za for more information, pricing and available areas.